(dance workshops in Frankfurt and Hanau)


Dance workshops

curated by Hannah Dewor

9/6-9 in Frankfurt

20th – 23rd of September in Hanau

Participation fee: 18 €

More information and registration:

Early registration, as well as attendance at all four workshop days, are required.

Spacebox involves you in a choreography with your city!

DAS PLATEAU has been offering contemporary dance classes since 2015 and is developing Spacebox, a workshop format for and about urban space, for the first time. Anyone who wants to explore urban space through dance can participate. Accompanied by professional dancers, choreographic works are created that are shown publicly at the end of the workshops.

With SPACE_BOX  DAS PLATEAU dedicates itself to a special area of contemporary dance art, site-specific dance choreography, for and around urban space.

As part of the festival,  SPACE_BOX offers a site-specific dance workshop, for all dance enthusiasts who want to explore their urban environment through dance. Accompanied by professional dancers, choreographic works are created, which are shown publicly on the last day of the workshop.
In Frankfurt and Hanau, SPACE_BOX forms two workshop collectives for this purpose, in order to jointly develop a choreography under a specific aspect and in interaction with places and spaces in the city.

All dance enthusiasts who are interested in exploring their urban environment through dance can participate!
An early registration is required, as well as participation in all four workshop days.

Dance Workshop I: Being One- Movement and Architecture

WITH: Ewelina ZielonkaLOCATION: Auditorium of the Deutsches Architekturmuseum FrankfurtTERMINES: Thu, 6 + Fri, 7 September, 17:30 – 20:30  &  Sat, 8. + Sun, September 9, 14:00 – 17:00Showing on Sun, September 9, 2018, 6 pm (meeting point Architecture Museum Frankfurt)

What does it mean to engage completely with a place? To experience it physically and through all the senses and to try to become a part of it?
Ewelina Zielonka will dedicate the first choreography workshop to the idea of becoming “one” with the chosen places.
As part of her master’s thesis, Ewelina developed an artistic score (set of rules) that enables participants to approach public space with heightened senses. Building on the sensory perceptions of hearing, seeing and feeling, it creates access points to the development of movement in a place, for example, through the texture of a place.


Dance Workshop II: Being Here – For a Moment

WITH: Jorge Bascuñan
Begegnungsstätte Freigericht, Alfred-Delp-Strasse 8, Hanau

TERMINES: Thu, 20 + Fri, 21 September, 17.30 – 20.30  &  Sat, 22 + Sun, 23 September, 14.00 – 17.00
Showing on Sun, 23 September 2018, 18 clock (meeting point Brothers Grimm Monument/Market Square)

How many of the bodies moving around the city are actually present?

Is there only the destination and not the path in front of our eyes? How much of our attention and presence is online while we are in public space? Jorge Bascuñan wants to interrogate in his performance development the theme of “being present in public space.
On a physical level ways to interact will be tried out: avoiding, connecting, hiding and confronting. From this, dance encounters will be choreographed, bringing the bodies into the moment of happening.

Language: English (German translation as needed)



DAS PLATEAU is an event format for contemporary dance and  mediation in Frankfurt, founded in 2015, initiated and directed by the alumni of the M.A. Contemporary Dance Education (HfMDK, Frankfurt) Hannah Dewor, Jungyeon Kim and Nira Priore Nouak.  The aim is to make professionally trained dance educators, their profound engagement with contemporary dance technique and related movement teachings, accessible to dance enthusiasts in Frankfurt and the surrounding area and to enable an exchange about dance (technique)  DAS PLATEAU invites dance enthusiasts of all ages and with different dance experiences (from amateurs to professional performing artists) to come together, move together and reflectively exchange about dance and movement. The workshops offered will provide insight into the different practices and frames of reference of physical work in and with the field of contemporary dance.

At the same time, DAS PLATEAU offers a platform for MACoDE alumni to share their current developments in their dance mediating work and to stay in touch with the Frankfurt scene.


Cultural Office Hanau

DAM, German Museum of Architecture

Cultural Office of the City of Frankfurt

Registrations for the workshops can be made via the online form of DAS PLATEAU or by email at