rough cuts / Tanzpanorama 2011

The ROUGH CUTS Festival is a project of ID_Frankfurt / Indepedent Dance e.V., a non-profit association for freelancers engaged in the creation, exploration and dissemination of results in the field of choreography and performance.

The ROUGH CUTS Festival a.k.a. Dance Panorama takes place at Frankfurt LAB and is an important platform for the local dance and performance scene.

Based on a choreographic platform for short pieces, Tanzpanorama has redefined itself every year since its inception in 2009.

The focus of the first edition of the festival under the label  AUFTAKT Tanzpanorama 2009 was to give the local scene visibility and a political voice.The platform took place in the student house of Goethe University in Bockenheim. In addition to showcasing the independent scene, the choice of location was also intended to highlight the possibility of using the building for cultural purposes in the future. The 2010 edition of the festival was also held there.

The 2011 edition of Dance Panorama  (which was also subtitled: rough cuts, and for obvious reasons) put a clear focus on the theme of production. The curated platform featured works by local and international artists who, in one way or another, explored contemporary modes of production in the field. In addition to the evening of open performances and the residency program, two workshops were held: Aesthetics&Production (Part II) by Petra Sabisch and Ana Vujanovic and On the How & Why of Self-Organization in the Contemporary Performing Arts, which brought together representatives of self-organized structures and networks from all over Europe.

What do we do when we try to compensate the lacking resources of production in our works? How can we not be complicit with the given conditions of production, but still continue working? How can we think alternatives not only in changing the conditions but also by changing the structures which condition the conditions?

In these three questions, currently in high demand artists Ana Vujanovic and Petra Sabisch summarize the core issues we want to address in a workshop they will lead.

For this purpose, representatives of exciting networks from Portugal, Serbia, Latvia and Germany who are able and willing to cooperate will be invited to talk about their work and to think with us about goal setting and alternative sustainable strategies. Can we think a perspective for contemporary dance?

There seems to be about two million square feet of office and commercial space vacant, some of it attributed to creative professionals, but we had to experience that not a single one of them was ultimately available for our use. From the end of October, the realization of Tanzpanorama 2011 was possible, thanks to the short-term support of Künstlerhaus Mousonturm and Frankfurt LAB (Dieter Buroch, Sabine Stenzel and Matthias Rößler deserve special thanks).

Not without time pressure we have been working since.

Therefore, we also sincerely thank the artists_who have agreed, with a maximum rehearsal time of ten days with a shared studio, to get to work anyway.

Also, this year we’re leaving it up to you to decide how much you want to pay for admission.

We look forward to welcoming you to the first evening of this year’s Tanzpanorama.

Program 1 | 18.11.11  at 8 pm, Frankfurt LAB

  • Pass it on A work by Dragana Bulut, performed by the author.
  • Your dance with my book A work by Stephanie Knobel, performed by Raimonda Gudaviciute and the author.
  • Untitled for an Ocean A work by Norbert Pape and Nina Vallon, performed by the authors.

Tanzpanorama 2011 ROUGH CUTS Program 1 PDF

Photo Exhibition „rough shots“ Opening | 18. 11.11 at 7 pm, Frankfurt LAB

  • ROUGH SHOTS Exposed were photography works by artist Ragunath V fromthe performance installation I am Yours,  by Norbert Pape and Vania Rovisco presented during the 2010’s edition of Tanzpanorama.

Program 2 | 19.11.11 at 8 pm, Frankfurt LAB

  • SPIELFELD A work by Nicole Peisl, performed by Norbert Pape.
  • Gesänge der Landstrasse A work by Florian Ackermann and Friederieke Thielmann, performed by Julia Krause.
  • Body happens A work by Katja Mustonen and Lili Mihajlovic, performed by the authors.

Tanzpanorama 2011 ROUGH CUTS Program 2 PDF

Workshop | 11.11.11 – 15.11.11, Frankfurt LAB

Everybodys and Walking Theory propose: aesthetics & production (part II) with Petra Sabisch and Ana Vujanović

The procedure of the workshop emerges from the encounter between the platforms Everybodys and Walking Theory, by trying to develop theory out of the artistic work.

We will investigate the interconnections of aesthetic & production procedures by means of performative and theoretical works. In continuation of the workshop (modes of production) organized by MA CuP in the frame of Motionbank in April 2011, we would like to elaborate the following questions: What does it mean when we say that a work works? What does it mean if the production parameters of a performance become decisive for its aesthetics? Is it true that the basis influences directly the superstructure? Or might this function the other way round? What are the concrete relations between both of them and methods of analysis? How do production parameters express in the aesthetics of a performance? What does it mean if they don’t become (visible) part of the work? What do we do when we try to compensate the lacking resources of production in our works? How can we not be complicit with the given conditions of production, but still continue working? How can we think alternatives not only in changing the conditions but also by changing the structures which condition the conditions?

Made possible and organized by the Masters Program of Choreography and Performance of the Justus Liebig University, in Giessen

Programm 3 | 25.11.11 at 8 pm, Platform SARAi

  • As above, so below  A work by Vania Rovisco, performed by the author.
  • The Loop A work by Paula Rosolen , performed by Nathalia Mariel Gomez and Antje Velsinger.
  • Velocity Pump A work by Tessa Theisen, Rose Beermann and Iva Sveshtarova, performed by the authors.

Tanzpanorama 2011 ROUGH CUTS Program 3 PDF

Workshop | 26. -27.11.11, Platform SARAi

About the How & Why of Self-Organisation in the Contemporary Performing Arts 

with representants from ID_Frankfurt, MichaelDouglas Kollektiv (Köln), AADK (Portugal), Ģertrūdes ielas teātrīs (Riga)  and 36Monkeys (Sofia).

Both on the basis of artistic and cultural-political motives and through economic necessity modes of production in the field of contemporary performing arts have changed. As we see the economic situations in the field of culture of countries across Europe get more and more tense, it is time to develop alternative organizations for producing and circulating art works. Throughout the past years, artists thinking ahead have started developing networking organizations across Europe. They hold a valuable body of knowledge, have engaged audiences, invested spaces and fostered strong communities of artists and thinkers across disciplines. It is on the basis of first meetings and exchanges that have taken place between organizations in Belgrad, Berlin, Sofia, Frankfurt, Köln, Lisabon and Riga that we would like to deepen our understanding of self-organization (motivations, implications, dangers) and develop trans-local strategies for supporting artist and circulating their works in a thoughtful way.


Konzept, Leitung und Produktion: Norbert Pape, Nina Vallon, Kristina Veit

Kuratorium: Stefan Hölscher, Melanie Suchy, Mareike Uhl und Tanzpanorama Leitungsteam mit einer Stimme.

Öffentlichkeitsarbeit: Nina Vallon, Norbert Pape, Kristina Veit

Verwaltung: Kristina Veit und Anja Kühn

Dokumentation: Anatoli Nat Skatchkov, Ragunath V, Anja Kühn

Webmaster/Programmierer für ID_Frankfurt: Ricardo Viviani

Design: Anatoli Nat Skatchkov, Ragunath V, Nina Vallon

Technische Unterstützung: Norbert Pape, Matthias Rössler, Martin Streit, Kristina Veit

Assistenz: Stephanie Becker

Helfer: Federico J. Canosa, Natalia Gomez, Kornelia Konrad, Sonia Skatchkov

Foto: © 2010 Ragunath V / I am Yours von und mit Norbert Pape & Vania Rovisco


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