The Z was founded in 2012 by ID_Frankfurt e.V. to counteract the lack of suitable available spaces for project-based work and research in the field of choreography and performance in Frankfurt. The two studios are equipped according to the specific requirements of dance, but are basically available to professional practitioners from all areas of the performing arts. They can be used for rehearsals from one day to a maximum of 6 weeks. Our online calendar provides information about the availability of the rooms. Enquiries can be emailed to the organising team

The Z-Zentrum is not profit-oriented. The user fees only ensure the operation of the Z-Zentrum and give us room to manoeuvre for purchases and repairs.

With a late-booking rate for ID_Frankfurt members, the Z-Zentrum tries to achieve maximum utilisation of the studios as well as to allow for short-term, less well-financed research or rehearsal projects.

The Z-Zentrum has basic technical equipment (internet, printer, sound system, ceiling grid for hanging spotlights, spotlights, power cables, etc.) that enables artistic and scientific production.

The “Z-Zentrum”, however, is about more than just creating artistic productions: With residency formats and regular meetings, an environment is to be cultivated in which artists, dramaturges, technicians, producers and all those working in the field of contemporary independent arts can find a place for encounter, debate and co-determination. At the same time, Z-Zentrum can be the place where working relationships are also formed on a very pragmatic level and which enables the actors of the independent scene to support each other.

The Z-Zentrum does not see itself as a performance venue. Showings of work stands and studio visits on a smaller scale should be possible at any time, but not public and commercial screenings. Our aim is to enable and promote the realisation of projects that emerge from or are related to the independent scene. As a place for rehearsals, research and exchange, the “Z-Zentrum” offers the spatial conditions for cooperation with theatres, but also for work formats that do not take place on stages. In recent years, the Z-Zentrum has not only facilitated numerous individual productions and research projects, but also larger-scale collaborations between freelancers and cultural institutions.

For ID-Frankfurt and its members, the “Z-Zentrum” is not only a meeting place but also a breeding ground and organisational venue for numerous events.