Frankfurt Lab Residency „Black Boxes And Strategies Of Desire“


A meeting with Ariel Efraim Ashbel and Jessica Gadani

In this transitional phase between our previous pieceall white people look the same to me and our next one “the empire strikes back”, we are taking the time and space to focus on some basic building blocks of the process of making images. Thinking about the black box, our basic condition when addressing the theater space these days, we’re enjoying asking questions, sharing references, discussing our performative desires in different ways, establishing and formulating not necessarily one unit carrying content but a system of exchange that can host many different kinds of such units.The exciting horror of the black box lies in it’s duality: a seemingly empty, clean, neutral space/object on which one can project anything; but at the same time it’s a crypted, coded, locked, mysterious being. It is the empty vessel of theater, but also a site of potential for great drama: it is nothingness and everything, riddle and answer, tangibility and fa ntasy, promise and disillusionment.To conclude our LAB residency we will present materials, inspirations and thoughts from our time here, dealing with all of the above and probably some more.