PRAKTisch – sharing exercises, drafts, proposals, working methods


PRAKTisch is a platform that allows professional dancers and choreographers to come together regularly and share their practise. The format is a bi-monthly meeting that can be used by artists from Frankfurt and the region to work physically with other participants independent from consistent artistic concepts, cultural institutions and working colleagues. It is intended as a space for physical exchange with proposals from the participants: PRAKTisch sharing exercises, drafts, proposals, working methods.

A round, that gives us the opportunity to use the other bodies present to research together. PRAKTisch for the freelance scene in Frankfurt!

PRAKTisch takes place:

06th and  27th of September
04th and  20th of October
08th and 29th of November
06th of December

From 18h30 to 20h30 in Z-Zentrum für Proben und Forschung:
Backside of the Kommunikationsfabrik, Schmidtstr. 12, 60326 Frankfurt am Main

The initiator of PRAKTisch is Anja Sauer on behalf of  ID_Frankfurt e. V..

She is aiming to create a regularly meeting point in Frankfurt for dancers, choreographers, performance artists. This platform provides a space to share and exchange physical working methods with colleagues and to strengthen the freelance scene of the region.

Anja Sauer finished her Master of Arts in Choreography and Performance at the Institute for Applied Theatre Studies, Giessen (DE). Since 2006 she is working as a dancer and performer for other artists. Simultaneously developing her own artistic work such as: light and sound installations, food art, dance and performance creations. As a choreographer Anja Sauer is currently researching how to develop a performative method to dissolve the human construct of time and space, emphasizing the role of the human body in this process. Anja lived, studied and worked in different European cities such as: Berlin, Antwerp, Montpellier, Helsinki.

At the moment she is establishing herself in Frankfurt. Together with Gal Fefferman she organized the event Summer Dance Special 2017 – morning classes for dancers in the summer break.

Support by ID_Frankfurt e.V. and the Z-Zentrum für Proben und Forschung