Project 333 – Wer bis an das Ende beharrt by Nina Vallon

A work by Nina Vallon with Patscharaporn Distakul, Nastia Ivanova and Anaïs Pensé

“Wer bis an das Ende beharrt” continues a research on issues linked to gender, perception and representation while exploring a specific form of language: description. The aesthetics of the work combine very strong physicality and engaged bodies with fine humor and [self-] irony, suggesting rather than imposing in a didactic way. It offers multiple facets of all these themes and invites the viewer into a world where paper queens and white rabbits whisper along Mendelssohn Elias while playing a rather confusing chess game and seem to react to strange laws of gravity and perspective, under the influence of an unpredictable black ball.

“Wer bis an das Ende beharrt” was presented at Z_Zentrum für proben und Forschung (Frankfurt) within the frame of an Open studio for Prototypes still Untitled end of August and at L’Imprimerie, un lieu pour la dance (Geneva) on October 16th. The work was produced by Tanzlabor_21/Tanzbasis_Rhein_Main and supported by Z with a three-week residency. 

35 minutes
„Wer bis an das Ende beharrt“
Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy: Elias
Hans Peter Blochwitz

©Envy&P. 2012

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Photo by Kristina Veit