Dictionary of invisible work

The dictionary of invisible work is a tool for sharing cultural workers` experiences of invisible work. We call “invisible” the work that takes up a significant part of our daily routine, however without being acknowledged as “actual” work. This dictionary particularly focuses on activities that are, on the one hand, essential for our “official” work to be realised, but which nonetheless remains hidden from even our own understanding of productivity. The goal of the dictionary is to identify and name those blind spots of our daily labour and to define them as precisely as possible in terms of the experience of doing them.
TheDictionary of Invisible Work is a project proposed and initiated by Heike Bröckerhoff, Milka Ivanovska Hadjievska, Marialena Marouda and Jasmina Založnik.

This edition of the dictionary was created in a workshop hosted by “Manifesto of Independent Work“, a working group initiated by ID Frankfurt / Independent Dance at Tanzplattform Deutschland 2016.

Workshop participants:
Florian Ackermann, Nika Arhar, Fanti Baum, Frederic De Carlo, Hannah Dewor, Rebecca Egeling, Kathrin Felzmann, Yola Garbers, Sabine Glenz, Kai, Andrea Krohn, Marius Mike Miron, Karen Piewig, Christin Schmidt, Sasapin Siriwanij, Jörg Thums, Johannes Veit, Kristina Veit, Kathleen Witt, Ronit Ziv