26.10.13   17:30    im großen Studio, freier Eintritt

Concept and Choreography: Fernando Belfiore

Creation and Performance: Andrius Mulokas, Valentina Parlato and Fernando Belfiore

Dramaturgical Eye: Katarina Bakatsaki and Suzy Block

Thanks to Tian Roteveel

Light design: Fernando Belfiore

Production: Dansmakers Amsterdam

Photos: Thomas Lenden

.whatdowefinallyshare. is a dance performance that investigates the idea of ‘being together’. The three performers place their body in a journey within extreme relations. The body is the place where the other could be. What do we produce, distribute and experience, as individual and collective, and how does it affect us? .whatdowefinallyshare. by the young choreographer Belfiore focus on the relation in between the audience and the performers trough the bodily experience and perception. Intense and with humor, the performance produce strong images and mixes classic music, pop and visual arts. This work is produced by Dansmakers Amsterdam with the support of Amsterdam Funds for the Arts, Funds for Performing Arts and Zzentrum Frankfurt.